Letting Go

“I have gratitude for everything that has brought me to this moment.” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

I stand today at a crossroads in my evolution as a leader.  One filled with overwhelming joy and excitement of the next role, but also with sadness at the one I leave behind.  I’ve been asked to take the reins of Manpower North America, the signature brand of our company.  A business that represents the core of what our company was built around – making a difference by bringing meaningful work to so many.  The opportunity is tremendous, and the team I will be working for couldn’t be more talented. 

As leaders, we all strive for growth in our professional career.  To be given new responsibilities.  To be entrusted with a new role.  To leverage our past learnings as we address new challenges and opportunities.  To want more – not -for the sake of greed, but to know what you are capable of; to have the chance to prove your worth, your value, and your contribution.  Continue reading