Politics Can Kill a Business

noun  /ˈpɑl•əˌtɪks/

a. the activities of the government, politicians, or political parties, or the study of these activities:
b. the activities of people who are trying to obtain an advantage within a group or organization: – Source:  Cambridge Dictionaries Online

I don’t know whether it’s the negative energy coming out of Washington these days or the inherent nature of so much change in this world, but it seems I’ve overheard numerous discussions lately about “Politics”.  Yes, I’ve had my share discussion around Politics of the governmental type, where in the ‘noble pursuit of public service’ upstanding men and women work together for the common good. To be fair, in today’s Politics there doesn’t appear to be anything “noble” or “for the common good” when it comes to our government these days.  But I digress…

Politics clearly exist outside of the government and in every form of our lives – in work, at schools, in social clubs, in community organizations.  And in the truest, purest sense Politics can be a good thing – where individuals with similar interests align together for appropriate representation within the larger group.  If done correctly, an effective and respectful political structure affords the opportunity for differing interests to find the appropriate compromise(s) that are necessary for the group to succeed. Continue reading