In Need of Some Down Time!

“I don’t know – he travels a lot and talks to people!” – [My daughter, Amanda Wright, when asked at school ‘what does your father do for a living’]

I’ve been called a lot of things in my professional career, but a “Traveling Talksman” is not one of them.  And as wonderful a job as that sounds, it’s nothing like what I do.  But it does send a clear message to me – I’m spending too much time on the road and too little time with my family.  Time for a much needed break!!!

You’ve often heard me speak of the importance of work/life balance.  The problem is I’m the worst hypocrite on this topic.  I spend nearly every week traveling somewhere (and no it’s not just to talk to people).  That takes me away from my family.  And that is not a good thing.

As individual and/or team leaders, you’re primary responsibility is NOT at work.  Rather, it is in your own well being – your mental and physical health.  It is to your family – fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, spouses or significant others, and your children.  It is with your friends.  And it is to your faith – whatever that might be.

Do you have responsibilities at work?  Absolutely!  You should strive to be the best leader you can be.  To be the best team member possible.  To perform your job completely and responsibly.  To be diligent and thorough.  To service your clients with passion and vigor.   But that should not be the center of your universe.

Think of it as a round sphere, with your work life on one side, and your personal life on the other.  If only half of it exists, or if that half is disproportionate, it will not role.  It will wobble and sway, but it will go nowhere.

The beauty of the holiday season is that it provides an opportunity to reset that balance.  To recharge our batteries.  To look backwards at our accomplishments.  But to also look forward at our future.  More importantly, it sets a priority on family and friends.  And that is a good thing.

As you enter the holiday season, be sure to make time for the other priorities in your life.  Recharge your batteries.  Focus on the other half of your life, and make sure it is nurtured.  That’s free advice from this ‘Traveling Talksperson.’


– Kip

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